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Website Terms of Use


This is a legal agreement between you (Visitor) and Bradley Hunter Caricofe (BHC). This agreement applies when Visitor uses the BHC website (Website), located at caricofe.com and any subdomains. If Visitor disagrees with any part of these terms and conditions, Visitor must not use our Website.

Website Usage License

BHC grants Visitor a free, limited license to view, download and cache content and materials from Website, subject to restrictions outlined in the Restricted Usage section of this agreement.

Restricted Usage

Visitor understands and agrees to the following restrictions on the use of content from Website:

  • Republishing Content – Visitor will not republish content from Website in any form, to include but not be limited by, selling, renting or sub-licensing materials from Website, showing content from Website in public, reproducing or copying content from Website, or exploiting Website content for any commercial purpose.
  • Activities – Visitor will not use Website in any way that causes damage to Website, or impairs the availability of Website. Visitor will not use Website to store, distribute or publish data of any kind.
  • Data Collection – Visitor will not conduct any manual or automatic data collection activities in connect with Website, including scraping or data mining/harvesting.
  • Spam – Visitor will not use Website to facilitate the sending of unsolicited commercial emails.

Restricted Access

Visitor understands that BHC restricts access to parts of Website for authorized user accounts. Visitor will make no attempt to gain access to such parts of Website unless Visitor has been deemed an authorized user by BHC.

Intellectual Property Rights

Visitor understands that BHC retains all ownership and copyrights to content hosted on Website, with the exception of content belonging to vendors or other unassociated parties. Any rights not expressly granted in this agreement are reserved by BHC. Visitor is granted limited use of the Bradley Hunter Caricofe or BHC names and logos for the purpose of attribution.

Representations and Warranties

Visitor understands that Website is provided “as is”, with any representations or warranties, express or implied. BHC makes no representations, warranties or guarantees concerning the accuracy of information on Website or the availability of Website.


Visitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless BHC from any and all liabilities, damages and expenses stemming from the use of Website.

Privacy Policy

Visitor understands and agrees to the provisions and protocols outlined in BHC Online Privacy Policy.

General Provisions

Visitor understands and agrees to the following general provisions of this contract:

  • Governing Law – This agreement will be governed by the laws of the state of Virginia, in the United States of America. The Client agrees to resolve any initial legal disputes in Prince William County, Virginia courts.
Questions or comments about this license agreement may be emailed to info@caricofe.com.