Welcome & Introduction

“This brief interaction with our nation’s symbol was the catalyst for what would quickly become a daily passion. I was hooked on wildlife photography.”
In 2010, while my wife and I were preparing for the birth of our first child, I purchased a Nikon D3100, my first DSLR camera. Like so many who are not familiar with the nuances of photography, I thought simply having a nice camera would result in taking nice photos.

It soon became apparent there was a reason families hired professional photographers for portrait images. The automatic settings coupled with pushing a button were not producing the kind of images I had expected. Photography was unexpectedly challenging…and exciting!

I soon delved into basic photography practices and started taking better photos of the kids, and occasional snapshots of landscapes. One day, while taking in lunch at a famous local watering hole on the Potomac River, I snapped a somewhat blurry but intense image of a bald eagle swooping out of a nearby tree in pursuit of his own meal.

This brief interaction with our nation’s symbol was the catalyst for what would quickly become a daily passion. I was hooked on wildlife photography.

Photography alone is challenging, requiring a comprehensive understanding of light, composition and the technical operations of a camera. However, wildlife photography added a whole new layer of challenges. Capturing stunning images of animals requires time, patience, an understanding of wildlife habits and an entirely different range of photography techniques.

Over the next couple years I would spend several days each week in pursuit of wildlife imagery from around the Washington, D.C. area and along the Potomac River. I eventually created Potomac River Bald Eagles to showcase my work and promote the story of the eagle population’s resurgence near our Nation’s Capital.

Up to this point I had been working in IT for my entire adult life, specializing in Unix/Linux engineering, web development and Internet marketing. Occasionally, my clients related to those business sectors took note of my photography, and requests for imagery of shopping centers, neighborhood amenities and streetscapes trickled in.

Over time, those requests increased substantially, and I began to think about what life would be like as a full-time photographer. While I had always been passionate about my technology career, that passion paled in comparison to thoughts of a life spent in photography. In 2015, I made the decision to leave IT and pursue full-time commercial and architectural photography.

Though I carefully planned a transition process that would take over a year, within a few months I started to see a steady stream of work from clients with which I have long had great relationships. My jump into full-time photography happened overnight.

Today, I’m a professional photographer specializing in commercial marketing imagery for home builders, architects, interior designers, restaurants, golf courses, ad agencies and other businesses. I also perform hundreds of “Lifestyle” shoots each year, showcasing activity at regional amenities such as shopping districts, restaurants and parks.

I offer UAS/drone and helicopter-based aerial photography anywhere in the eastern United States, and can help clients determine which method offers the most cost-efficient approach for their needs. I operate primarily along the eastern seaboard and routinely make trips to locations in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Delaware and beyond.

I love working with marketing professionals who require top-quality, high-resolution photography, and offer an experienced, best-practices approach toward developing imagery that sells.

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