Bradley is an internationally published photographer focused on commercial and architectural imagery for discerning marketing professionals. He considers himself a passionate perfectionist and strives to create compelling images that will strike an emotional chord with his clients’ target audiences.

Based in the Washington, D.C. area, Bradley photographed over $5 billion in commercial and residential properties in 2017, and is available for photography sessions throughout the Eastern United States. He places tremendous value on client relationships and seeks to develop a comprehensive understanding of their business operations and imagery needs.

His clients include national home builders, architects, land developers, commercial property managers, Realtors, interior design firms, restaurants and a range other businesses. He’s adept at quickly resolving unexpected issues that may surface during a shoot, and excels at providing an unobtrusive production followed by an efficient image delivery process.

Bradley is a recognized, award-winning wildlife and landscape photographer, for which his work is centered on depicting Virginia’s natural and historic beauty. His background in wildlife and landscape photography gives him a unique edge when imaging properties for which the client desires to highlight natural attributes.

Bradley is the founder of Potomac River Bald Eagles, an Internet community that promotes awareness of bald eagle activities and conservation of their habitats throughout the Washington, D.C. region. Created in January 2014, the organization has amassed nearly 7,000 active followers who help share the incredible story of the bald eagle population resurgence in our region.

In his downtime, family trips to Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, the Outer Banks of North Carolina or Charleston, South Carolina often top the list.